Solar Care


ALPHA E-C Solar provides a long lasting, non-stick, hydrophobic, self cleaning protective coating for solar panels and significantly improves the productivity of the unit.

ALPHA E-C Solar is a clear colourless alcohol-based liquid. Once applied, the coating is very thin, transparent and invisible.

ALPHA E-C Solar is suitable for all solar panels including commercial solar PV projects, home solar PV and solar thermal systems.

Purpose, Suitability and Durability

A coating of ALPHA E-C Solar on a solar panel surface will:

  • Make the treated surface water and dirt-repellent
  • Make the treated surface resistant to seawater and salty air
  • Protect windows from irreparable abrasion
  • Protect the surface and reduce the cost of cleaning and care
  • Significantly improve the productivity of your solar system.

ALPHA E-C Solar contains silicon nano-particles and our unique coupling agent within an alcohol delivery medium. The durability of the product will vary across conditions but it is expected to be on average 3 years.

ALPHA Solar Test Results


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